B.S. Mech. Engineering & Materials Science 

A. B. Chemistry


M.S. Materials Science and Engineering


Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering


Research Experience

Postdoctoral Researcher- Stanford University  w/ Prof. Steven Chu (2023-Present)

Sang Cheol is developing novel electrochemical materials systems for sustainability.

Graduate Researcher- Stanford University  w/ Prof. Yi Cui (2018-2023)

Sang Cheol worked on probing and designing liquid electrolytes for lithium batteries.

Professional Experience

Cell Development Engineer- LG Chem Automotive Battery Division (2015-2018)

Sang Cheol's role at LG Chem involved the design and validation of cells, as well as client communication. Some of his notable responsibilities were the design of the platform chemistry of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) cells for 5 global automakers, and the project management of a PHEV project for a Chinese automaker.